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Using your hot tub during the Texas summer heat........ it can be done, and it can be pleasant.

We've been getting the questions and we do see and hear the comments. Hot tubs are great for the family and entertaining. Hot tubs are also a hydrotherapy vessel and some have no choice, for health purposes, to use their hot tub year-round. Here's some tips to enjoy your tub during the summer.

1. Set your temperature to a lower setting. This will by no means chill your hot tub to get to that temperature, but it will prevent your hot tub from running the heating setting. With 100 plus temps for days at time right now, you don't want your heat set to 100 plus on your tub.

2. Vent your cover. You can use a tennis ball or pool noodle to prop open the cover just a bit for venting purposes.

3. You can leave your cover open overnight to help release some heat.

4. Running your jets does help release heat and aerate the water. Keep in mind that running your pump(s) does generate heat on inside cabinet.

5. Add bags of ice.

6. Add a covering over your hot tub. Whether it be a permanent structure or a patio umbrella or canopy.

7. Soak in early morning or late evening hours.

Please take safety precautions with children and pets when leaving the lid open or unsecured.

Also be mindful when leaving your cover open, direct sunlight will blister your shell.

I hope this helps ease your hesitation from purchasing a hot tub during the summer.

Stop in and see us Tues-Friday 9 to 6. Saturday 10 to 3. Sunday- by appointment only.

Happy soakin!

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