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Start up and Maintenance


 Fill the spa using your garden hose. Remove the filter from the housing and insert the hose into the hole. This will help push all air out of the lines and equipment and make an air lock less likely. If an air lock does occur, press the pump button on and off repeatedly until the lock clears. Be sure the power to the tub is off before draining and while refilling. Clean the filter(s) before reinstalling.


After filling, turn on the power to the spa and run the pump/pumps and set your desired temperature. Use a test strip to check water balance. Water should be balanced in the following order.



Calcium Hardness

Sanitizer (chlorine or bromine)

Any chemicals used to bring the water into balance should be added while the jets are running. NEVER MIX CHEMICALS TOGETHER in the same container. After dosing the spa wait approximately 45 minutes and test again to ensure you are within range. Keep the cover open while adjusting levels to avoid any damage to the underside. Once alkalinity, ph and calcium are within ranges and the temperature of the spa is over 80 degrees, you can add a chlorine boost (Jumpstart Packets work well) and install the SmartChlor and Mineral Cartridges. Make sure to turn the mineral cartridge to 6 on the dial and the SmartChlor cartridge to the setting listed according to gallons that the spa holds. The SmartChlor cartridge lasts approximately 3-4 weeks depending on the frequency of use and or number of bathers. 3 weeks is usually more realistic. The mineral cartridge lasts 3-4 months.


Only use Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetrione Dihydrate “Dichlor” for your hot tub weekly shock. Whether your sanitize with SmartChlor or Bromine.


Never use TriChlor tabs or calcium hypochlorite “cal hypo” in your spa.

  • Why not use cal hypo in a spa? Due to its high calcium component and high pH level, it tends to form deposits on spa heater parts and plumbing fittings, and may also leave an unattractive film or ring at the hot tub’s water line. It is one of the most caustic forms of chlorine on the market, so avoid it in spas.


You should use a capful of non-chlorine shock oxidizer after each use (Potassium Monapersulfate). This will oxidize contaminants in the water and will help your sanitizer cartridge work better and last longer. Filters should be removed and rinsed off weekly. Filters should also be soaked in a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water or a true filter cleaner solution monthly. Do not over tighten the filters when replacing them. Test the water weekly and adjust as needed.


Keep in mind that the cleaner bathers are when entering the water the easier it will be to keep good water quality. Lotions, soaps, deodorants, sweat, urine etc. all have an adverse effect on water chemistry. Detergents also affect the water so not washing your swim clothes in with the regular laundry load is recommended. An absorber in the spa can help soak up lotions and oils and help maintenance.


Draining the spa every 4 months is recommended. I would recommend using a purge product twice a year as well when you drain and fill. Most 1’st time hot tub owners have some frustration at first but everyone figures it out and gets it on cruise control. I’m available any time you need me so don’t hesitate to holler. I also can test your water at the store and provide that at no charge so feel free to bring some water in when you need help.


Happy Soakin’!!!!

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